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    Converting to LED Lighting
Everything you need to know
LED Lighting Maidenhead

Over the years you have probably had to change you filament bulbs a number of times and as you will know, this can be a pain. They are often difficult to get to or cause disruption. With LED bulbs this isn't such a problem... once fitted they can last between 25,000 and 50,000 hours, that’s more than 5 years! Which we compared to the average lifespan of a halogen bulb at just 3,000 hours, is incredible.

LED Lighting is a long-term investment. This is because they cost money initially which can be daunting for companies but overtime you will reap the rewards.

Statistics show that you will recoup the initial investment within the first few years based on the energy savings alone.

Superior light quality
Over the years, LEDs have progressed and now provide such a range of lighting colours and temperatures that you can hardly distinguish them from incandescents and natural light.

Bulbs between 2700K and 6500K can be used to boost the productivity and mood of staff, families and even students as well as helping to reduce eye strain and resulting headaches.

LEDs can last 25x longer! This means that you wont have to replace them as often, helping you to save both money and time. LEDs last longer because they don't burn out in the same way that a traditional bulb.

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LED Lighting Maidenhead
Comparing filament bulbs to LED

Based on the following prices, we have compared filament bulbs or their equivalent LED bulbs.

  • 40W filament bulb - £1.29
  • 5W LED - £5.40

Although the initial cost of the LED bulb is greater, they have an average lifespan of 20,000 hours, while the filament bulb is only 1,000 hours. This means that 1 of the LED bulbs would last as long as 20 filament bulbs.

Making the cost of each over 20,000 hours, £5.40 for the LED bulb, and £25.80 for the filament bulbs.

LED Lighting is a long-term investment that can benefit an office greatly. Primarily due to the lasting nature of the bulbs themselves, you will be saving both money and time on replacing filament bulbs.
LED Lighting Maidenhead Save money on replacement bulbs
LED Lighting Maidenhead Far superior lighting quality
LED Lighting Maidenhead Reduce your carbon footprint
Throughout schools, colleges and universities there is a great number of lights which can cost a lot to replace and run. LED lighting is an excellent option for schools and can be introduced as old bulbs burn out.
LED Lighting Maidenhead Reduce running costs with LED
LED Lighting Maidenhead Increase energy efficiency
LED Lighting Maidenhead Longer lifespan - less maintenance
Warehouses, factories and storage facilities all have a number of lights and could greatly benefit from LED lighting that offers better lighting quality as well as a great deal of saving on energy bills over time.
LED Lighting Maidenhead Better lighting quality for LEDs
LED Lighting Maidenhead Savings on energy bills
LED Lighting Maidenhead Less maintenance on bulbs
Electricians you can trust
Friendly, honest and reliable electricians

Here at Active Electrical, we regularly provide LED lighting for a great number of different business in the Berkshire area. We have a team of trained, approved and reliable electricians on hand to help you with upgrading your lighting.

If you would like to learn more about our LED Lighting services, or would simply like to get started with LEDs speak to our team today.

LED Lighting Maidenhead
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